Version 1.01 Mei 2013


A Yazula message needs to be in compliance with the law, the truth, good taste and decency.


A Yazula message should not be in conflict with the public interest, public order or morality.


A Yazula message is cannot be gratuitously offensive, nor a threat to the mental and / or physical health of the general public.


The Yazula message content and tone should be such that the Yazula trust is not compromised.


Without justifiable reasons a Yazula message and content should not appeal to feelings of fear or superstition.

6. A Yazula message must not contain content that is hateful, threatening, or pornographic, or contain nudity or gratuitous violence, inciting violence.
7. The sender of a Yazula message should, at the request of Yazula, be motivated and willing to clarify the accuracy or fairness of the message content, if challenged.

The code of conduct for Yazula messages should not only be applied to the letter but also in spirit.


Both businesses and consumers have the right to file a complaint with the Yazula Complaints Department if the Code of Conduct is violated.