Messages Types

After creating an account with yazula credits you can start sending Yazula messages. Yazula currently offers 4 message types. A basic message, gift-promotional message, survey message, and messages based on a url reference.

Basic message

The basic Yazula message can be used in many different ways. It can be used to provide information on commercial activities and or promotions. The message can be received by any audience.

Gift-promotional message

You decide how many and with what frequency a message is sent. This type of message is ideally suited to manage promotions.

Survey message

With a module you can couple a survey to a geographical location within 5 short minutes. How inexpensive and effective can a fast survey be ? This is ideally suited for a geographically defined market research. The message can be received by any audience.

Url reference message

Be in charge of your own Yazula destiny. Develop a mobile webpage for Yazula in HTML. Messages can be received by anyone.


Yazula offers many standard communication tools. However, Yazula can offer even more. If you prefer for Yazula to send your messages and or to assist in your campaigns we can offer this service.

Additional locations

Yazula offers the possibility to accommodate the inclusion of additional locations other than the standard location. In this case one can be very creative in the use of the Yazula platform. Feel free to contact us to mutually explore a solution to meet your needs.