I am not receiving any messages. What could the reason be ?
A number of causes can influence this issue. GPS: check if the GPS has been switched on, Internet; without an internet connection Yazula will not work, Radius/Distance setting: Check the reach settings. Home range 0-500 meters and Highway range 500-10,000 meters, Channels: Check whether you have deactivated certain channels or companies precluding you from receiving certain desired messages.
When playing a youtube link and rotate my device then Yazula stops playing the download and retruns to teh original message.
This is a known issue with Android devices and unresolved.
I turned 18 years old and would like to change by age. How do I do this ?
You first need to uninstall the under 18 version and reinstall Yazula at which point you can check the over 18 option.
How does Yazula deal with my privacy ?
Yazula does not store your personal details. Therefore you are completely anonomous to our database.
Can Yazula see in which area I am ?
No, Yazla does not register or store your device details.
How do I block a company ?
Choose the message in your inbox. The pop up menu will allow you to block the company in question.
How can I reactivate a company ?
Through the submenu choose the “funnel” option. For Android devices proceed by choosing the company to reactivate. For iOS devices slice to reactivate.