Version 1.0 January 2013

Yazula will respect the privacy of it’s users at all times.

Yazula does not gather personal details unless shared voluntarily. By completing and sending of a form, or by sending an email, a user grants Yazula permission to store his or her personal details, which are to be used by Yazula to deliver the services and for analytical purposes.

Personal details, which are shared by the Yazula users with the will be processed in accordance with the country specific privacy laws. Yazula will at no time share the personal details with third parties. All details that are sent to the Yazula website need to be in compliance with the law and correct. In addition the details should not infringe and or conflict with the rights of third parties.

Automatically gathered non-personal identifier information: In some instances Yazula with gather details which are non-personal in nature, such as the browser version or operating system a customer is using, or which IP addresses have been allocated by providers etc.

These details assist Yazula to align the site and provide an improved service in line with the preferences of the users.

Disputes: With disputes related to the Yazula website the applicable country of law is The Netherlands.

Changes: We reserve the right to change the privacy statement at all times without notification. When a customer continues to use the website that user is automatically bound by the conditions outlined in the adjusted privacy statement.