YAZULA. and all its affiliated companies (“YAZULA”, “we”, “us ” or “our”) takes careful handling of your (“User” or “you”) personal data very seriously. As the responsible party for the processing of your personal data, we ensure that your personal data is handled and protected with the utmost care. YAZULA adheres at all times to the applicable laws and regulations.

Please read this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) before you use the services of YAZULA (“Services”) of which are part: the website www.yazula.com (“Website”). By using the Services you agree to the contents of this Privacy Policy.

Through this Privacy Policy, you are provided an insight into the data we collect, why we collect this data and what we do with this data.

1. The data YAZULA processes, on which ground(s) and for which purpose(s)

In relation to the execution of the Services, YAZULA processes personal data on the grounds and for the purposes as set out below

A. Grounds

We process personal data based on the following grounds which are included in the European privacy laws.
1. permission;
2. performance of an agreement with User (or Contractor);
3. legal duty; and
4. legitimate interest of YAZULA or a third party (e.g. Contractor).

Legitimate interests include: advertising, marketing, security, auditing, fraud detection, (crime) prevention, (market) research and analysis and improvement of our services, internal management, legal affairs and business management. We indicated below the specific ground(s) that apply to a specific processing of personal data.

B. The personal data we process and the purpose for which we process the data:

Creating a user account: in order to create a user account, you must provide us with the following information: (i) your contact information (first name, last name, gender, phone number, e-mail address, and company name andaddress); as well as; (ii) the username of your user account; (iii) password of your user account; (iv) your date of birth; and finally if you take of the Services through a Contractor: (v) Contractors’ company name.

Depending on the processing, ground 2. or 4. applies. Information messages: YAZULA may use your contact information to send information messages (not marketing communications) necessary to provide the Services. Ground 2. applies.

Data aggregation: to minimize the processing of your personal data, YAZULA can merge or encrypt your personal data to create anonymous data that cannot be traced back to a natural person. Ground 4. applies.

Compliance with (local) legislation: YAZULA may be required to comply with the applicable local legislation to process your personal data for purposes other than those set out in this Privacy Policy, for example for law enforcement and in case of a court order. Ground 3. applies.

Fraud detection: YAZULA processes personal data for fraud detection and to prevent fraud and abuse. If we detect or have a reasonable suspicion of any fraud, scam or criminal activity imputable to you, your personal data will be processed to prevent you from being able to use our Services in the future. Depending on the processing, ground 3. or 4. applies.

Marketing: insofar as permitted under applicable law, YAZULA may use your contact information (as described above) for marketing communications, such as newsletters. You can unsubscribe at any time.

The newsletter may also contain information and offers from third parties. Each newsletter contains a link that allows you to unsubscribe from our newsletter. The subscriber file of the newsletter will not be provided to third parties. Depending on the processing, ground 1. or 4. applies.

2. Retention period of personal data

We retain personal data no longer than is permitted under applicable law or when we believe that it is necessary and permissible to keep your personal data longer. In any case, the information required to create a user account (as described above) will be retained for as long as you use the Services or if you continue to show interest in the Services.

After the cancellation or removal of your user account, your personal data will be deleted within six months. If you have any questions about the retention period of your personal data, please contact us by using the contact details listed below.

Please note: you should keep in mind that YAZULA can keep collected data at any time in an aggregated and anonymous form for (market) research, analysis and / or fraud protection. In this case ground 4. applies.

3. Providing personal data to Contractor or other third-parties

In the situations listed below, YAZULA is allowed to share your personal information with third parties. Competent authorities: YAZULA discloses personal data to authorities in charge of law enforcement and other government agencies, to the extent required by law or strictly necessary for the prevention, detection or prosecution of criminal offenses and fraud. Ground 4. applies.

Assignment: YAZULA may transfer your personal data to third parties in the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganization, sale of business units or bankruptcy of YAZULA. YAZULA will request your permission in advance if this is required under applicable law. Ground 4. applies.

Service providers: YAZULA may share your personal information for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy with service providers if this is necessary to provide the Services on our behalf, such as hosting, data analysis and storage, payment processing, information technology and related infrastructure, customer service, product design, product diagnostics, e-mail services, credit card processing, auditing, and marketing.

We only share your personal information with service providers who provide sufficient safeguards for the protection of your personal data. Depending on the processing, grounds 2. or 4. applies.

If the organizations as described above are classified as a processor under the European privacy laws, we will conclude a data processor agreement with them. The processing of your personal data will only take place on our instruction and under our responsibility.

4. Transfer of your personal data abroad

Our services are mainly managed and operated from the Netherlands. If, however, personal data is provided to a third party abroad, this will only be done to a third party in a country which, according to the European Commission, provides a level of protection that is appropriate for personal data. If this level of protection is not adequate, YAZULA shall ensure that the legally required safeguards are made, such as the conclusion of an EU model contract or claiming a Privacy Shield certification.

If you would like to receive further information about the transfer of your personal data abroad, please contact our privacy officer by using the contact details below. By using our Services, or otherwise providing information to us, you agree to the transfer of your personal data to countries outside the Netherlands.

5. Use of cookies

YAZULA uses cookies on the Website. By clicking "Ok" on the cookie notification of our Website or continuing to use the Website, you consent to the placing of cookies. A cookie is a simple small file that a website stores on your hard disk via the browser. Information is stored in a cookie. Different types of cookies can be used per visit. Below, you find more information about the cookies used by and via the Website and for what purposes.

6. What type of cookies are used on the Website and for what purpose

The Website makes use of the different types of cookies listed below and for the purposes listed below: Analytical cookies: these cookies are anonymous and allow YAZULA to improve the Website. These cookies collect information about the way visitors use the Website, such as information about the most frequently visited pages or the number of displayed error messages. The information collected by these cookies may not be used for marketing purposes and will not be passed on to third parties.

Session cookies: session cookies are used during your visit and are automatically deleted when you close the browser. Through these cookies we can remember which parts of our Website you viewed during a visit and we coordinate our Services accordingly.

Social media cookies: these are cookies to share the content of our Website via social media. For the functioning of these buttons social media cookies are used from the social media parties, so that they recognize you when you want to share a page of the Website. For the cookies that the social media parties place and the possible data they collect, we refer to the statements that these parties provide on their own websites.

Other/unforeseen cookies: due to the way internet and websites work, YAZULA may not always have insight into the cookies that third parties place via our Website. This is especially the case when our web pages contain so-called 'embedded elements' (these are texts, documents, images or films that are stored with another party, but which are displayed on, in or via our Website).

7. Customize cookie settings or delete cookies

If you don ́t want YAZULA to place cookies on your (mobile) device, you can refuse the use of cookies through the settings or options of your browser. For each browser and each (mobile) device, you have to adjust your settings separately. Note: it is possible that after modification of the cookie settings, some parts of the Website can no longer be (correctly) used. When YAZULA has placed cookies, you can also delete them. How to do this, differs per browser. If necessary, consult the help function of your browser.

More information about cookies can be found on the following website http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/. We ask you kindly to notify us in case you find a cookie used on the Website that is not mentioned above.

8. Security

We try to do everything we can to protect your personal data. YAZULA uses technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data managed by YAZULA against manipulation, loss, destruction and unauthorized access. These safety measures are constantly being improved in line with technological developments. For example, all entry fields on the Platform are TLS protected. Furthermore, the Platform is continuously updated with the latest security updates. The Platform may contain links to external websites that are managed by other companies. It is possible that they collect personal information from people who visit their website.

YAZULA cannot offer any guarantees regarding the privacy policy of external websites and is not responsible for those websites.

9. Your rights

You have the right of inspection, correction or deletion of your personal data at any time. For any of these actions please contact us via the contact details as described below. In addition thereto, Users can itself view, delete or correct certain personal data via the Platform. However, in case, despite our efforts to ensure correctness of personal data, incorrect information is stored, we will correct such data on your request. Finally, we would like to point out that, on the basis of the European privacy laws, you have the following rights:
- to get an explanation of what personal data of you we have and what we do with it;
- access to the exact personal data of you that we have; - correcting erroneous data;
- the removal of obsolete personal data;
- withdrawal of consent; and
- object to a particular use of your personal data.

If, despite our efforts to ensure the accuracy of personal data, incorrect information is still stored, we will correct it on your request. corrigeren.

10. Complaints

Please feel free to contact us in case of complaints about our processing of your personal data. In case of a complaint, we ask you to contact us via the contact details as descrbibed below. Notwithstanding the foregoing, under the European privacy legislation you also have the right to file a complaint directly with the Dutch Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (In Dutch: Autoritieit Persoonsgegevens) about the way we process personal data.

11. Revision Clause

YAZULA reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy. However, we do not limit your rights under this Privacy Policy without your express consent. You can find the most up-to-date version of this Privacy Policy at any time on the Platform. We recommend that before making a reservation you check whether an updated version is available..

12. Translation

This Privacy Policy is drawn up in Dutch and English. In case of any contradictions between these versions, the Dutch version prevails.

13. Contact details

In case of any questions about this Privacy Policy or our processing of your personal data, you can contact us by regular mail via the contact details as described below. You can also contact the data protection officer of our organization directly via the contact details as describedbelow.

YAZULA Binderseind 44
5421CJ Gemert
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce number: 56546998
Website: www.yazula.com

14. Data protection officer

You can reach our data protection officer by e-mail: info@YAZULA.com.

15. Version

This Privacy Policy was last amended on the of February 22th 2019.