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How does Yazula actually work ?

Yazula ties messages to a geographic location. As you approach this location, you will receive a Yazula message on your smartphone. Apart from the app will need to meet 2 additional conditions to receive messages. An internet connection for the data comunication and a GPS to locate your position.

What message types are being sent by Yazula ?

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Through yazula you can receive news, general information and promotional offers from the direct area where you are located.

Police news, missing item or people reports, and Amber alerts are posted instantaneously and automatically. In that way you are always informed what is happening in your direct area from a security standpoint.

A number of municipalities and provinces in the Netherlands are now using Yazula after it’s recent launch. Westland Infra, which is a regional energy provider in the Netherlands, started using Yazula to send notifications on service interruptions.

Companies secured the possibility to leverage and rethink their marketing activities. Surveys of any kind including opinion polls, market feedback, discount offers etc open up a new toolbox to approach target groups and markets.

Geographical reach of a message

The maximum reach of a message is 10 km (~6 mile). The distance can be manually set in the app with a slide function. A standard home range of 500 meters (0.3 mile) is supplemented with a separate bar ranging from 500 meters to 10 km.

Selecting the message types

The Yazula users can select the relevant catergories on which they wish to receive messages. This includes the option to select / deselect companies. Therefore the user is in charge to define which messages he or she would like to receive.