Explanation inbox

A double click opens the message. A message can contain text, a picture or video.

Inbox windows app

Map explanation

All messages are shown in the map setting with the exception of the “gift messages”.

Map windows app

Channel explanation

By means of channels you can activate or deactivate categories allowing you to define and drive your personal interests.

Once a channel has been deactivated you will receive no more messages on that topic. You can also block a message within a channel.

Yazula for companies

Yazula Windows App can also be adjusted for companies, Please click on the tabpage "Yazula for Companies" for more information.

Channels windows app

Setting explanation

The PC app doesn't need a GPS. During installation you will be prompted to specify your location. You can set a range within which you wish to receive the messages

Gift messages

Companies can send gift messages through Yazula. These messages cannot be received through teh PC app. These messages can only be received through the android and or iOS app.

Settings windows app

Here you can download Yazula for Windows.

Download Yazula for Windows
The minimum requirements to run Yazula are windows XP and dotframe work version 4. These can be downloaded here.
The Yazula PC app is an interesting and valuable communication channel for companies. Municipalities, counties, states and security clusters can attain the Yazula service free of charge against certain conditions. Police and amber alerts are automatically coupled to the relevant geo position.

Therefore Yazula is also an interesting and powerful communication channel that can be used by companies to inform employees on location or at their work place with company alerts.

If desired the PC app can be adjusted to accommodate specific requests to open selected channels for employees.

Please contact us for further enquiries.